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Panel Beaters in Auckland Central

Evoke Bodyworks: Professional Panel Beating Services

At Evoke Bodyworks, we’re the car panel beaters in Auckland everyone’s talking about. We know that you're leading a busy lifestyle and not having a car is an inconvenience you can do without. That's why we focus on delivering top quality panel beating for car repairs and car repainting work as quickly as possible. With late model courtesy cars available, you’ll be able to get around even when your car is in our workshop.

Been in a Smash? Need Your Car Repainted or Dent Free?

If you’ve been in an accident or someone scrapped their keys along your car, we’re here to help. Experienced in working with both vintage and modern vehicles, we’ll take care of your car like it was our own.

As panelbeaters in Auckland Central, we’re here to make life easier for you. As soon as you drop your car off, we make it our top priority to quickly get it back on the road and looking great.

We've spent years refining a streamlined service which delivers the best value for money. When you bring your car to us for anything from WOF repairs to a respray, we get it right first time. For panel beater prices you can’t beat, come to Evoke Bodyworks.

Armed with a fully equipped workshop and expert Auckland panel beaters who frequently retrain to learn the latest techniques, you can trust us to repair and respray any car – right up to the latest models.

Yes, We Work with Car Insurance Companies

Let us help you with your car insurance repair jobs. We work with insurance companies every day on behalf of our clients. Focused on taking the stress away from you, we’ll do the legwork required to ensure your car is repaired as soon as possible.

If you need a quote, our experienced team have an excellent understanding of Auckland panel beating costs. We’ll be more than happy to give you a free personalised quote.

Contact Your Auckland Panel Beaters

Located near Auckland's CBD in Freeman's Bay, we're a convenient choice for inner city workers and residents alike. When you’re looking for the right people you can trust with your scratch repair or collision repair jobs, we’re the professionals you need!

Let's discuss how we can get your car looking great and back on the road, contact us today

Courtesy Vehicles Available

As part of our aim to make car repairs and repainting as hassle-free as possible, we offer late model courtesy cars.

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